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Gotlieb and Bertha Stabbert and Family
Gotlieb and Bertha Stabbert with 7 of their children.

In 1885, Gotlieb and Bertha Stabbert, along with their oldest daughter Lena and Bertha's mother Charlotte Fischer, emigrated from East Prussia. After making their way across the United States, they settled in Needville, Texas around Christmas of 1897 where this picture was taken. Gotlieb and family were some of the earliest settles of Needville, Texas in the town archives. 

Life was very hard. Their family grew, but 3 of their children died at childbirth or shortly thereafter.

The family later moved to Yelm, Washington shortly after 1900.  This may have been prompted by the 1900 Galveston hurricane, which was the worst natural disaster in US history with respect to loss of life.  Needville is about 50 miles from Galveston.

After pioneering in Yelm, the family eventually moved to Tacoma, Washington.  There are about 200 Stabberts in the United States today and about half descend from Bertha and Gotlieb.

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